During your iGCSE course you will be building a personal website with pages for all of the topics we will cover. These pages will cover the theory topics plus give you practice in creating and updating websites.

Your website will be a sub-domain of www.pupil.me.uk and will follow the patterns of:



We will be using a mixture of all the following software to create and maintain the site:

  • MS Expression - html page editing
  • WinSCP - FTP/WebDAV upload/download tool - download from here
  • NotePad++ - html page editing - download from here
  • Paint.Net - graphics creation - photo editing - graphics conversion - download from here
  • MS Word - prepare all the words in MS Word - these can be copied and pasted when ready
  • NotePad - to clean the text - paste it in NotePad - then copy to html page editor
  • MS Excel - diagrams & charts
  • MS PowerPoint - presentations - graphics conversion
  • Google Chrome - web browser - view website

Software Downloads

The software highlighted in Red is free to download and use on your own PC or laptop, but please remember you are responsible for ensuring you only download and use software legally.


Some of the webpages will require a little ingenuity to fit the content onto the page.

HTML for Scroller

Start TAG

<div style="border:1px solid #6600FF;width:350px;height:200px;overflow:scroll;overflow-y:scroll;overflow-x:hidden;">



Citing References & Sources

During the course you will need to do some research, worked examples questions, and past papers. Your work must be your own, but you should also acknowledge the sources for all information and downloads which you use to create your work.

Click here to download the Citing References worksheet.